Death sentences and race-ethnicity biases

When data shows that Black Lives literaly Mattered less

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer

8 minute read

This article addresses a very serious topic in our post-slavery, post-colonisation and post-segregation world. How is it that, while laws explicitly condemn disparate treatments or outcomes1, there are still clear differences? These differences move part of the public opinion - and that should move everyone by the way because this problem is not going to resolve only with minorities.

Do you know the 4 types of additive Variable Importances?

From Sobol indices to SAGE values: different purposes, same optimality

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer

12 minute read

Facing complex models, both computer simulation and machine learning practitioners have pursued similar objectives: to see how results could be broken down and linked to the inputs. Whether it is called Sensitivity Analysis or Variable Importance in the context of explainable AI, some of their methods share an important component: the Shapley values.