Breaking down factors of Covid-19 orientation algorithm by importance

Computing variable importances: Sobol Indices, Shapley Effects and Shap

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer

15 minute read

Let’s dig deeper on the important factors of the French Covid-19 patient orientation algorithm! The short answer is fever, diarrhea and number of risk factors, but the real answer is that your target population matters a lot.
Follow me on this journey with 3 variable importance methods and get some insights about how factors interact.

Simplifying the French Covid-19 patient orientation algorithm

From a decision tree to a point-based scoring system

Jean-Matthieu Schertzer

11 minute read

Were you aware that there is an official French decision tree to orient patients towards relevant medical services, depending on their Covid-19 related symptoms? I transformed it into a point-based scoring system (100% logically equivalent), so that a patient can compute his/her score by adding simple weights. Using these Covid-19 orientation algorithms, a more general comparative analysis is carried out concerning decision trees and scoring systems.